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Assess whether your products and services meet or exceed safety, quality, performance and sustainability standards.

      From laboratory testing to compliance with standards, our comprehensive quality assurance services bring your products to market. Today's markets are changing, and globalization is opening up new markets, bringing new products and new regulations that come with them. We help you navigate the complexity of markets and regulations, empowering enterprise lab programs to give you faster access to test data to optimize production processes and reduce production costs. Our testing and certification services provide one-stop and comprehensive quality assurance.

      With our history, our expert engineers and laboratories are able to meet your testing needs. Today's technology is changing rapidly, new standards and regulations are emerging, and we are working professionally and professionally to meet your new testing needs.

Our testing services include, but are not limited to:

      Roduct inspection is an important moment in quality control. We will assist you to control the quality of the product at different stages of the production process, effectively prevent product quality issues, assist you to ensure production safety, ensure product quality, and protect brand image. 

      Our basic inspection services include:

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