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Consumer product testing

The consumer goods market, as the basis of the market system, involves individuals throughout society. In today's era of globalized economy and consumer transformation, competition in the consumer goods market is becoming increasingly fierce, with both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, in the new situation of consumption upgrade, people’s consumption level continues to increase and the consumer goods market economy continues to grow, but the previous consumption structure and service supply have been unable to meet consumer quality and personalized needs; on the other hand, with trade liberalization The environment is more open, and technical barriers to trade are constantly developing. Technical requirements, standards, packaging design requirements, etc. of various countries are rapidly updated, becoming more stringent, and export difficulties are increasing.


Madeown can provide you with professional consumer product testing services, covering toys and children's products, footwear and leather, jewelry and accessories, food contact materials, light industrial products, electrical and electronic consumer products covering all aspects of people's lives. Can provide one-stop safety and compliance solutions for brands, manufacturers and retailers according to the regulations of different countries and buyers, to minimize the risk of trade friction and protect the interests of manufacturers and consumers according to the required tests. To ensure that your products meet the regulations of various countries and the increasing quality requirements of end consumers.

Scope of service

- Toys and children's products

- Shoes and leather

- Clothing and textiles

- Accessories

- Food contact materials and products

- Light industrial products

- Electrical and electronic

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