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Environmental Testing

      With the development of economy, environmental problems occur frequently, industrial waste water, land desertification, household waste, industrial waste gas, acid rain, oil leakage, noise, radioactive pollution and other damage to the ecological environment system, but also threaten the human food supply, living environment and the normal survival and development of human beings. Environmental monitoring is the eyes of environmental protection, Madeown with experienced professional and technical personnel and advanced testing equipment, to provide you with reliable, one-stop environmental testing services, test data accurate and reliable, with nationally recognized legal effects.


      Madeown has established a professional environmental testing laboratory covering five areas of environmental testing (air, water quality, noise, soil and solid waste) to provide customers with ISO45001 system environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment environmental monitoring, indoor air environmental monitoring, environmental acceptance monitoring of construction projects, Public places health testing and evaluation services.

Scope of service

- Water quality testing

- Environmental air and industrial exhaust gas detection

- Oil and gas recovery testing

- Health testing in public places

- Noise detection

- Radiation detection

- Soil, sediment and pollution source survey

- School hygiene testing

- Fertilizer product testing

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