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Manufacturing Audit --- Build a Trusted Supply Chain for You

      In today's highly competitive consumer goods market, retailers and brands need partner-based relationships that can meet their requirements in all their terms, from product design development and quality to product life cycles and delivery needs. However, how to efficiently select a new partner, how to effectively monitor the performance of existing suppliers has become a focus in the field of supply chain management. In response to market demand, Madeown develops a supply chain quality management audit service based on quality standard sesame requirements such as ISO 9001, TS 16949, HACCP, EN, ASTM and CPSC.

      Madeown's manufacturing audit services include companies, middlemen, traders, and factories. Adopters can conduct gap analysis and internal audits on their own. They can also evaluate quality management policies upstream of the supply chain, such as product manufacturers, business partners, and services. Suppliers, etc.


What are the criteria for Madeown manufacturing audits?

● Quality management system

● Factory capacity

● Good manufacturing practices

● Product control

● Process control

● Risk management

●Supplier management

What are the benefits of Madeown Manufacturing Audit?

Quality is one of the key factors to ensure the success of supply chain management mode, which is reflected in the whole supply chain management, and the quality is directly reflected in the reliability of the product, which not only involves the cost of the product, but also affects the market share, the company's credibility and so on. Therefore, through the supply chain quality management audit, its advantages can be achieved as follows:

Provide improved controls and processes for product quality and safety management.

Speed up time to market and reduce risk of product recalls.

Increased transparency and trust in the relationship between buyers and suppliers

Support more informed decision-making based on real-time performance indicators.

Help enterprises enter a virtuous quality management cycle and achieve profit growth.

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