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Cost-effective operational protection

The world-recognized ISO 14001 environmental management system provides a framework for voluntary development of protection measures, from measures such as energy conservation to climate protection and waste clean-up. MADEOWN's experts can help you identify deficiencies in environmental management and lay the foundation for continuous improvement processes to reduce environmental hazards and improve ecological balance.



With our ISO 14001 certification, you can obtain

Reducing emissions, waste and sewage

Save money and effectively complete environmental management

Reducing possible environmental risks

Meet customer and government agency requirements

Enhance the environmental concept of our employees

Enhance your company's corporate image in the minds of customers, partners and the public

Achieving corporate environmental goals

Six steps towards environmental balance

Our experts will analyze and evaluate your processes and systems in the following six steps:

1. Pre-audit (optional)

Auditors conduct a pre-audit that includes field trips to determine whether any requirements related to the standard have been implemented in your company, helping you identify gaps and risk points from the standards.

2. First-stage Audit

The first-stage audit primarily determines your company's readiness to apply for ISO 14001 certification. Our audit will determine whether you already have the necessary conditions to undergo a second-stage audit. Based on the results of the first-stage audit, you must implement management system optimization improvement measures.

3. Second-stage Audit

Our auditors will assess the practical application of your environmental management system to determine its effectiveness and draw conclusions on site audits.

4. Issue a certificate

Once all certification rules are met, we will grant you a certificate. This certificate will demonstrate the integrity of your environmental management system and compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001.

5. Surveillance Audit

Our annual surveillance audit will help you continuously optimize your environmental management activities and maintain the validity of your certificates.

6. Recertification Audit

After three years, a recertification audit will be conducted. This will help you achieve continuous improvement in your environmental management activities while demonstrating your long-term commitment to environmental protection to partners and customers.

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