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ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Inspection Organization (Inspection) Competency Accreditation Training

Training purpose

      The inspection report and / or inspection certificate is the embodiment of the final results of the inspection activities of the inspection organization. Is it possible to issue high-quality (accurate, reliable, and timely) reports and / or certificates to the society and obtain the reliance and recognition of all sectors of society, It has become the core issue of whether the inspection agency can adapt to the needs of the market economy, and the inspection agency's recognition provides people with confidence in the trust of the inspection activities. In order to make the services of inspection activities accepted by customers and supervisory agencies, internationally established general requirements for the competence of professional ISO / IEC17020 inspection agencies. Inspection agencies have mastered this standard and established relevant management systems, which can effectively guarantee the fairness of inspection results. And quality.


Training content

● ISO / IEC17020 inspection ability training

Introduction to the CNAS accreditation process

● ISO / IEC17020 Accreditation Criteria Application Note

Certificates and qualifications

      Participants who complete this course can obtain a Madeown training certificate (the training records can be found online through the certificate number).

Training object

      Person in charge of inspection agency and technical staff; QC staff of factory production line, etc.


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