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Product Compliance ---- Help you control everything from cartography to shelves.

      Whether you need to perform factory inspection before shipment, or you want to ensure that the latest batch of products meet the safety standards of your target export market, the Madeown team of experts will provide the best solution to protect your purchase.

1. Book on-site product inspection product testing

2. The inspector arrives at your factory within 24 hours, and you can receive the report within 48 hours

3. Use Madeown laboratory to test and certify your product safety and performance


Best-in-class products

      Changing brands or stores is a breeze for modern consumers. They can do it with minimal opportunity and effort, even with just a few clicks of the mouse. Therefore, when your products are sold on physical or virtual shelves, you must ensure that they are in the best condition, designed to perfection, manufactured to the norm, are free of prohibited substances and have all relevant certifications.

      Choose Madeown product compliance solutions to help you ensure that every step of the product is just right with a comprehensive set of services.

Complete life cycle solution

      What does "product compliance" mean? For Madeown, this represents excellence and safety at every stage of the product life cycle:

1. Customize quality assurance plan for product design

2. On-site product inspection by a dedicated team, providing comprehensive reports and real-time videos on the same day to ensure the manufacturing process

3. Designed by industry experts and PhDs and executing testing plans in our fully certified laboratories to ensure regulatory compliance with your chosen market standards and requirements. If your product's sales destination requires it, we can also provide the necessary certifications to confirm that your product meets the relevant national standards and plans.

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