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Supplier Management-A comprehensive solution to help you ensure that there are no weak links in the supply chain.

      Improving supplier performance is a key factor in the success of today's supply chain. MADEOWN launches an action-oriented supplier audit program to help you effectively monitor and improve the status of suppliers.

1. Manufacturing audit

2. Supplier capacity building and continuous improvement services

3. Supplier training


Lasting procurement partnerships

      Does the new factory you are considering for your next production run meet all the standards of quality management? What is the best way to implement ethical standards without causing compliance fatigue to suppliers? What should you do if your long-term supplier continues to deliver low-quality products, but you don't want to break with them?

      The services of the MADEOWN supplier management category are designed to help you answer the above and more questions, and truly achieve a win-win goal with suppliers.

Assessment, Education, Improvement

The main solutions of our supplier management department are designed to assist you in three key areas of supply chain management:

1. Evaluate your potential or existing supplier's capabilities and quality management system through manufacturing audits

2. Educate suppliers and internal teams on products, processes and needs with the Madeown training and learning platform

3. Implement your corrective action plan through our supplier capacity building and continuous improvement services to improve the ethical compliance, environmental management and structural safety of supplier facilities




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