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Responsible and Responsible Procurement-Leverage our suite of social compliance tools to understand all aspects of the supply chain and ensure ethical procurement.

      Consumers want value for money. With the assistance of the Madeown supplier audit project, defend your brand and establish a more complete supply chain:

1. Review of COC Code of Conduct

2. Social responsibility audit

3. Environmental audit

4. Customs Business and Trade Anti-Terrorism Coalition Review Project (C-TPAT)

5. Customer specific audit items and other audit services







Supply chain practices to follow

      Today, any brand or retailer must be prepared to answer supply chain-related challenges. Consumers, NGOs, the media, and even the government may ask you questions such as "Where do you buy cotton?" "What did you do to eliminate modern slavery?” and so on. If you can't give a satisfactory answer, the consequence syllable could be a consumer boycott and submit a petition, a large media report, or a hefty fine.

      Fortunately, we're still there. Madeown's range of responsible supply chain solutions spans everything from discovering the true state of the supply chain to driving meaningful improvements. We have the experience and qualifications to implement the supplier audit program in strict accordance with international standards, with a professional program or your internal code of conduct.

MADEOWN Responsible Supply Chain Solutions

      Where do we start by helping you increase your procurement ethics, accountability, and transparency? The answer is entirely up to you. Madeown's experts can help you advise on ethical compliance procedures from scratch, or seamlessly integrate any of our tools into your existing CSR strategy to help you:

● Establish an ethical supply chain plan based on real data collected by our auditors at the factory, paying particular attention to and listening to workers

● Create a safer work environment in supplier factories with corrective action plans developed by our auditors

● Measure and reduce your environmental footprint through environmental audits, water testing and chemical management tools

● Meet the requirements of the United States Customs and Trade Coalition against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and contribute to safer international trade


● 利用我们的审核员制定的纠正行动计划,在供应商工厂创造一个更安全的工作环境

● 通过环境审核、水测试和化学管理工具,测量和减少您的环境足迹

● 达到美国海关商贸反恐怖联盟(C-TPAT)要求,为更安全的国际贸易作出贡献

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