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Initial Product Inspection-IPC---Inspection before mass production,prevent trouble before it happens

      Initial Production Check will ensure that the factory fully understands your specifications to prevent any potential problems in line resources, production raw materials, production schedule, production management, etc. Initial Production Check refers to product inspections scheduled for approximately 20% of mass production. The initial inspection by the inspector of all the machinery and equipment and materials you need during your production is the first step in ensuring that the quality of your products is consistent in the production process. Inspector's testing is an early warning system designed to help you avoid costly import risks by ensuring that product quality meets customer and relevant standard series requirements prior to mass production.


Why do you need an initial production inspection?

      Avoid finding quality problems after production is over. You may also consider laboratory testing of the raw materials of the product to ensure that the quality is up to standard during the initial inspection.

We will test the status of raw materials, the status of semi-finished products, finished products and packaging, including:

1. Product quantity and appearance inspection
2. Product specifications, identification, labels, size measurement
3. Product process / function field test
4. Product packaging method / material inspection
5. Inspection according to customer's special requirements
6. Formal inspection report issued within 24 hours after inspection

      Apply for initial inspection, if you are a buyer, you will receive the manufacturer's initial product inspection report, so that you know the status of mass production in advance, help you adjust the plant control plan in a timely manner. If you are a manufacturer, Madeown Inspector will explain and explain the defects of the defective product at the inspection site, reduce your production losses and secondary risk, and ensure that the product meets the buyer's requirements.

Our strengths

1. Through communication with the buyer, fully understand the buyer's product specifications, help you understand the production of products in advance, timely adjustment of the factory control.

2. The inspector's professional understanding of the standard samples is helpful to put forward professional rectification opinions on the second products in the initial production of the factory, effectively reduce the production risk, ensure that the product meets customer requirements, help to improve product quality and avoid returns. 

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