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Production inspection during production-DUPRO---Interim control, timely adjustment, reduce costs and risks

      Usually used to confirm whether the plant has been produced in accordance with the initial production quality requirements and processes, and to confirm that the completed products and online products meet the customer's quality requirements and related standards and regulations. Mid-production product inspection refers to the inspection arranged when approximately 30%-50% of the goods have been completed and the rest of the goods are in production, ensuring that every link in your plant is trusted. Inspectors will carry out detailed inspection of the factory, carry out your requirements, and randomly select products for inspection, timely identification and elimination of defective products. You will receive daily reports on product quality and progress, keeping the process under your control. Production testing can help your products and samples to be consistent and meet your requirements.


Why do you need to conduct mid-production product inspections?

      The inspector will supervise on-site on your behalf during the entire production cycle to ensure that the production process, production materials, product quality and production progress meet the standards consistent with your original agreement.

What the service is

      During the production process, new raw materials or parts may appear, new operators may be encountered, or new production lines may be used, which may often lead to new changes in product specifications. So how to ensure the consistency of production so that it guarantees that the product quality is not affected? Interim production inspection can help you resolve such problems early, thereby helping you reduce costs and risks and achieve timely delivery of goods

We will test the status of raw materials, the status of semi-finished products, finished products and packaging, including:

1. Product quantity and appearance inspection
2. Product specifications, identification, labels, size measurement
3. Product process / function field test
4. Product packaging method / material inspection
5. Inspection according to customer's special requirements
6. Formal inspection report issued within 24 hours after inspection

What are the benefits of mid-production product inspection:

1.The inspector will explain the defects of the defective products to the factory at the inspection site, and pay attention to the stability of the production line operation at the same time as the product inspection.

2. If a mid-term product inspection can be carried out at multiple stages of production, it will help to identify problems early, solve problems and enable the delivery of goods on time
3. The buyer can understand whether the mass production of the product is carried out steadily and smoothly through the mid-term product inspection report.
4. The factory may also make rectification plans by reference to the mid-term product inspection report.

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