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End-of-Production Inspection-FRI---The most effective inspection method to confirm the quality of the entire batch of goods

      Product inspection is an important part of quality control. Madeown provides high-quality inspection services to help you control its product quality at different stages of the production process, effectively prevent product quality problems and maintain brand image. Final production inspection is the best inspection method to confirm the quality of the whole batch of goods. It requires that 100% of the product is completed and at least 80% of the product is finished in the final packaging; random samples are taken on-site and the product is comprehensively inspected to ensure that its quality meets customer requirements and relevant standards and regulations.


Why do you need a pre-delivery inspection?

      Avoid putting your order at any risk. Before you pay, make sure the product you buy meets your specifications and requirements. 

What the service is

      How to evaluate the quality of finished products more effectively and avoid risks at the last minute? End-of-production product inspection is the first choice to ensure that the specifications of the products shipped meet customer requirements, reduce return losses, and protect brand image. The final product inspection adopts the internationally recognized ANSI / ASQZ1.4-2008 standard statistical sampling procedure. The final products and packaging are inspected. The inspection results represent the quality level of the entire batch of goods and will effectively evaluate the quality of the entire batch of goods.

Specific contents

1. Product quantity and appearance inspection
2. Product specifications, identification, labels, size measurement
3. Product process / function field test
4. Product packaging method / material inspection
5. Inspection according to customer's special requirements
6. Formal inspection report issued within 24 hours after inspection

What are the benefits of end-of-production product inspection?

Minimize the risk of product recall

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