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INSPECTION---100% inspection, 100% relieved

      Full inspection refers to the inspection of each product when 100% production of the product is completed, before or after the product is packaged, to distinguish between good and defective products. After the inspection is completed, the good products will be packed in boxes (Madewon special seals and sealed boxes), and the details of the defective products will be returned to the factory for rework to ensure that each product shipped meets customer requirements.


Service Content

      Customer requirements are particularly strict. How to achieve 100% quality control? —Madeown inspection service, your best choice! We can effectively screen out defective products and analyze them in all directions to help you solve problems in a targeted manner to control and improve the overall quality of the product.


1. Product quantity and appearance inspection

2. Product finished product specifications, identification, labeling, size measurement

3. Field test of finished product process / function

4. Product packaging method / material inspection

5. Inspection according to customer's special requirements

6. During the full inspection process, the inspector will timely feedback the product quality problems found on the day, and explain to the factory the defects of the product, so that the factory can rework and correct in time.

7. If there are high-value products or special products exported to specific markets, we can send personnel to the production site according to customer requirements, and carry out 100% inspection of the products based on standard samples and related technical parameters (Note: after inspection is completed An inspection report will be issued within 24 hours.)

Service Process:

100% finished product completion - On-site finished product and packaging inspection - Qualified product packaging - Defective product rework - On-site evaluation inspection result description - Madeown issued inspection report

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