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Loading Service----Departure safely and arrive smoothly

      Loading Service refers to arranging on-site supervisors to witness the entire loading process during loading. Madeown will ensure that the shipping staff loads the correct goods into the containers in good condition with the correct quantities and in good packaging. To ensure that your goods are safely packed in good condition for shipment.


Service Content

      Are you afraid that your own high-quality products will be harmed during transportation, or are you worried that the specifications or packaging details of the consignment products deviate from customer requirements? ——Madeown monitoring service, your worthy assistant! We will assist you in supervising the entire packing process and help you reduce the risk of returns or damage to your goods.


1. Check the quantity, specifications, labels, packaging methods, buns, etc. of the packed products

2. Check the condition of the container

3. Supervise the on-site shipment process

4. The inspector explained the problems in the loading process

5. Containers locked and signed

6. Issue a formal supervision and inspection report within 1 working day

7. Let buyers know the status of the product when it is shipped, and ensure that the consignment is packed in the correct process

Our Strength

Adhering to strict and standardized monitoring procedures helps reduce the risk of returns and damage to goods

We have a dedicated inspector who will provide professional rectification opinions on the supervision and installation process to avoid the buyer / shipper's loss due to poor shipment

Service Process

Waiting for finished product shipment-ready-to-use sampling according to requirements-product and container inspection-supervision of the packing process, taking pictures, signing the container-Madeown issuing supervision inspection report

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