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Sampling ---Professional and fast, reducing the cost of obtaining reliable samples

      Sampling service refers to the random sampling of samples from mass-produced products to represent the quality of the entire batch for customer reference, or to provide laboratory testing and other uses.


Service Content

      Samples are usually taken at the factory or specific place designated by the customer, packaged, arranged to be sent to the address specified by the customer, and a sampling report is issued. But have you ever thought of this: want to get on-site products for further testing, but often worry about the long journey? Worried that unprofessional sampling can lead to biased test results? Madeown Sampling Services can help you deal with these difficulties, and we can help you reduce costs while obtaining a valid sample. The inspector will come to the place designated by the customer, take samples of the goods according to the customer's requirements, archive the sampled place and the sampled plate, and seal them effectively, and then send it to the address specified by the customer and issue a sampling report to the customer.

Specific Steps

1. Take random samples on site and make effective seals to obtain valid test samples.

2. Identify non-order products and ensure that samples are drawn from orders specified by the customer.

3. Ship by designated courier company.

4. Sampling report allows customers to know the sampling situation of the site and the status of the samples taken even if they are not on site.

Our Strengths

Accurate and standardized international sampling standard procedures to ensure the fairness and professionalism of sampling

Ensure random sampling and avoid uneven sampling

Inspection offices are located throughout the country for easy contact and guaranteed follow-up

Service Process

Product completion status according to requirements-random sample on site-on-site seal sample-send to user specified address-issue sampling report

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