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WI--Logistics warehouse inspection WI-warehouse inspection, designated inspection, on-site service

      Warehouse inspection is when the supplier collects products produced in different factories to a third-party logistics warehouse, Madeown inspectors perform inspections in the warehouse.


What the service is

Madeown will take samples according to internationally accepted sampling standards, and inspect the quantity, appearance, function and packaging of the samples according to the requirements of the buyer to ensure that the products meet the customer's quality requirements and relevant standards and regulations. We can arrange inspections of products from multiple factories together to improve inspection efficiency. It also makes it easier for suppliers and shipping companies to arrange shipments.


Inspect the final products and packaging according to the internationally recognized ANSI / ASQZ1.4-2008 standard statistical sampling procedures. The specific contents include:

1. Product quantity and appearance inspection
2. Product specifications, identification, labels, size measurement
3. Product process / function field test
4. Product packaging method / material inspection
5. Inspection according to customer's special requirements
6. Formal inspection report issued within 24 hours after inspection

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