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Environmental audit---ISO 14001 compliance

The ISO 14001 standard is a universal standard for a wide range of environmental management issues and provides a practical tool for organizations and companies seeking to identify and control environmental impacts and continuously improve environmental performance. Madeown's certification auditors help organizations assess and strengthen environmental measures throughout the supply chain to ensure compliance with environmental requirements. The Madeown environmental audit evaluates the plant in accordance with the ISO 14031 standard: The 1999 Environmental Performance Evaluation Guidelines' provisions on general operating procedures include the following:

Energy use, transportation and greenhouse gases

Water use

Wastewater / sewage


Water management

Pollution prevention / Toxic and potentially toxic substances

Major event prevention and management

Contaminated land / soil and groundwater pollution prevention

Land use and biodiversity

Environmental best practice experience internal team training process


ISO 14000 and EMAS-ISO 14000 are normative standards related to environmental management and are designed to:

(a) Assisting organizations in minimizing negative environmental impacts;

(b) Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and other requirements;

(c) Promote the two continuous improvements mentioned above.

Both ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 quality management system standards focus on production processes rather than actual products. ISO 14000 is part of the European Union's Ecological Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Another similarity with ISO 9000 is that the ISO 14000 standard primarily examines the environmental impacts of general plant operations and product manufacturing processes, not the product itself. As with all ISO audits, the audit results of ISO 14000 only assess the overall environmental impact of a plant as a manufacturer, not a single production run or a single product.

Water quality test

Madeown provides a full set of laboratory testing services to show you a complete picture of the supplier's environmental performance by effectively combining water quality testing with field environmental audits. Wastewater testing typically includes:

Madeown professional auditors collect wastewater on-site: inflow, untreated water, effluent.

Wastewater testing precedes water treatment and is based on a restricted substance list. (Based on the "Global Action to Detoxify China's Rivers" request from the Zero Emissions Alliance for Hazardous Chemicals, or the list you provided)

If a restricted substance is detected, the incoming and outgoing samples will be tested again to determine the source of the restricted substance and whether the water treatment is effective.

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