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Customer-specific audit projects and other audit services---we tailor audits to your requirements to verify the strength of your supply chain.

      Globalization has brought complex problems to every supply chain at different levels. Monitoring suppliers and production factories around the world is difficult and time-consuming. But if you know enough about their entire process, it's a solid bastion of the quality and reliability of your end product or service.

      Two-party audits can help you increase the intensity of your supply chain. The organization's audit of its suppliers or subordinate plants according to its own requirements is a two-party audit. Finding and correcting problems through the audit process before the issue fails to affect customers or end-consumers can help organizations avoid product recalls or service failures and compliance issues.


      Organizations are faced with the need for a two-party review of the project, but have been constrained by increased internal resource requirements. More organizations will now outsource this process to Madeown. With our expert auditors, you can not only free up employee spending, but also significantly reduce travel time and cost per audit, ensuring that your projects are timed and cost-controlled.

      When you outsource a two-party audit to Madeown, you get more than just an audit report, but a business partner who is committed to helping you save valuable time and money while ensuring a more efficient and transparent quality control process.

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