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Supplier capacity building and continuous service improvement---help you increase your factory's competitive advantage and win business opportunities

      As a necessary place for world product procurement, China's importance is mainly reflected in the following aspects: price, output, quality and delivery time. However, in contrast, many Chinese factories have lower working conditions and standards than those in China' legal and even internationally recognized labor standards. While these phenomena are common in China and even have problems that are common, they are not understood and accepted by many international buyers and have doubts about the core values of factory brands that do not meet legal requirements. To address the risks of these challenges, many brands and retailers require factories to undergo regular social responsibility reviews, even linking them to order shipments


      However, many factories in China have difficulty improving each problem point in a short period of time, or even know how to start. In this case, the factory may have gone to extremes, some factories have taken false documents, training workers and bribery auditors and other means, in order to achieve the goal of passing social responsibility audit. This kind of "game" is not positive, there is no value-added to the factory itself. Therefore, the professional services and support of third-party organizations are particularly important.

What does Madeown's supplier capacity-building and continuous improvement services include?

Madeown's capacity building and continuous improvement services have gradually helped factories increase productivity and explore opportunities for improvement in the factory management system. This service is suitable for factories that are regular customers, completely transparent to Madeown, and willing to change the status quo. The services include the following:

 Benchmark assessment

• Supportive visits

• Follow-up evaluation

• Improve plan tracking management

• Acceptance assessment

What are the benefits of Madeown's supplier capacity-building and continuous improvement of services?

Increased transparency in the factory;

 To promote the improvement of the management level of the plant, improve operation and efficiency;

Ensure that the plant meets the requirements of the buyer's or export trade guidelines;

Help the factory and customers to establish a healthy, harmonious business partnership;

Improve the competitiveness of your plant and win more business opportunities.

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