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Social Responsibility Audit---Helping you meet market challenges and achieve sustainable development

      Corporate social responsibility is closely linked to economic globalization, so more and more international companies require suppliers or international markets to require exporters to demonstrate CSR performance (usually CSR reporting) and to commission third-party organizations to conduct social responsibility audits. Corporate social responsibility audit reports are even used as one of the commercial terms for obtaining orders or products for export. Many large enterprises, such as the world's top 500 enterprises, to strengthen corporate social responsibility as the strategic objectives of the enterprise. They set metrics that keep the business optimized and move the organization forward. Specific implementation by each department and continuous feedback, according to the implementation of the activities to achieve the objectives. Such activities are not temporary, but are constantly being promoted as systems and as systems.


      In fact, the scope of corporate social responsibility is very broad, not limited to the growth of production and profits, it is related to the survival and development of enterprises, related to the welfare and safety of employees, related to the sale of enterprises, related to the treatment of the environment, related to the long-term interests of enterprises, but also related to the development and progress of the economy and society. It requires enterprises to fulfill their social obligations for stakeholders in the interest of promoting economic and social development while seeking maximum economic benefits from themselves and its shareholders.

      Social responsibility in manufacturing is a sensitive topic. Madeown encourages factories to adopt long-term plans that promote social progress, rather than short-term measures. Our strength is a deep understanding of the local economy and social and religious affairs. This allows Madeown to work closely with manufacturers and retailers to get the best integrated solution. We can also identify their weaknesses and promote the implementation of the plan in accordance with the planned and set timetables to improve social conditions.

      Based on years of research on CSR audits, Madeown develops a CSR audit service based on standard requirements such as SA8000, WRAP, ICTI, EICC, BSCI, etc.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

      means that companies are responsible for employees, consumers, communities and the environment while generating profits and holding shareholders accountable. Corporate social responsibility requires enterprises to go beyond the traditional concept of profit as the sole goal, emphasize the importance of human value in the production process, and emphasize the contribution to the environment, consumers and society.

What is the scope of Madeown CSR audit?

Based on Chinese labor laws and regulations, Madeown has developed efficient, unique and scientific audit methods and processes. This audit methodology is suitable for enterprises, traders and brands to conduct gap analysis, internal audits and supplier social responsibility policy enforcement assessments. Madeown's CSR audit covers the following areas:

• Child labour

• Forced labour, harassment/abuse, discrimination

• Working hours

• Compensation and benefits

• Environment, health and safety

• Disciplinary policies, measures

• Free Association

• Homework

• Other applicable regulations

What are the benefits of Madeown's supply chain management social responsibility review?

Ensure that companies comply with international industry standards or procurement requirements to improve international competitiveness;

Identify CSR issues and avoid risks through audits;

The implementation of audit can promote enterprises to learn advanced management methods, improve the level of management;

Reduce non-compliance costs and reduce employment risk

Reduce duplicate audits and lower audit costs

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