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Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)

      Sedex is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, UK, and companies anywhere in the world can apply for its membership. It continues to increase members from all over the world, improve the systems and services it provides, and has continued to grow. Sedex is an acronym for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Sedex is a web-based database that helps companies store labor code information within their business lines, and their customers can also share this information.

      Sedex has won the favor of many large retailers and manufacturers, and more and more retailers, brands, suppliers and other organizations in different industries are required to cooperate with farms, factories and manufacturers to participate in the ethical operations of Sedex members Audit (SMETA) to ensure that its operations meet the requirements of relevant ethical standards. Since the SMETA audit needs to be recognized by all Sedex A and AB members, other customers and stakeholders, such a compliance system has strong credibility: 


Benefits of SMETA

• SMETA can help suppliers maintain a competitive advantage in buyers' increasingly stringent supplier selection mechanisms;

• SMETA report is widely recognized by different buyers, which can reduce the audit fatigue of suppliers;

 Non-SEDEX members can also apply for SMETA to open up more business cooperation opportunities;

• Helps motivate employees while improving work efficiency;

• SMETA proves the company's commitment to improve the level of social responsibility and strengthen the company's credibility;

 Provide answers to questions from the media, NGOs and clients regarding ethical management;

SMETA best code of conduct

1.Management system and implementation of basic codes

2.Prohibition of forced labor

3.Freedom of association and collective bargaining

4.Workplace health and safety

5.Child and juvenile labor

6.Working hours


8.Prohibition of discrimination

9.Regular employment relationship

10.Subcontractors and domestic workers

11.Disciplinary measures SEDEX additional requirements

12.Personnel outsourcing, migrant workers and their right to work

13.Environmental requirements based on regulations

14.Community Benefits Optional (Voluntary)

15.Environmental requirements based on regulations and customer requirements     

16.Business Ethics

      MADEOWN provides audit types including comprehensive audits (initial audits, annual audits) and partial audits (follow-up audits). All of the company's auditors have SMETA audit capabilities and fully comply with SMETA's best code of conduct, including site audits, document audits, and management interviews Interview with employees. The SMETA audit report will be checked by a professional technical manager who is familiar with SMETA. The SEDEX audit report can be uploaded to the SEDEX database by Madeown. Suppliers can conditionally share data to obtain more business cooperation opportunities.

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