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Sustainable Apparel Coalition

      Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is an industry-wide group of more than 200 leading apparel, footwear and textiles, brands, retailers, suppliers, service providers and trade associations, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions. The organization is committed to reducing the negative impact of global clothing and textile manufacturing and sales on the ecological environment and society. The Higg Index is an innovative set of self-assessment tools that help apparel, retail and institutions of all sizes to self-assess environmental and social labor performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


1. Visit portal.higg.org to register and pay

2. Use the website's self-assessment tool to complete self-assessment

3. Establish a connection with verifier at portal.higg.org after review and confirmation

4. Download Self-assessment results and send them to Madeown

5. Madeown on-site verification

6. Results posted on portal.higg.org

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